Contractor Mortgages Simplified

Are you struggling to secure a mortgage? Don’t worry, help is at hand!

As a contractor or freelancer, you may well have had problems trying to arrange a mortgage. It can be difficult securing a competitive mortgage because many lenders and brokers simply don’t understand your unique working status.

Acquiring a competitive prime rate mortgage needn’t be complicated or time consuming. We have negotiated bespoke underwriting with well known high street lenders to simplify the mortgage process for contractors.

Why C&F Mortgages?

C&F Mortgages are ‘whole of market’ mortgage specialists. We assist buyers who wish to:

  • Make their first property purchase;
  • Trading up to a bigger and better home;
  • Buy to let investment property;
  • Remortgage for a better rate or capital raise;
  • Whichever group you fall into, we can help.

What Makes C&F Mortgages Special?

This is our bread and butter! We live and breathe mortgages and help contractors secure their dream home. We love what we do and go the extra mile to ensure that you get the very best deal based on your circumstances.

Mortgages Based on Your Contract Rate!

We can arrange a mortgage based on your contract rate alone. This means that we can arrange a mortgage on your behalf based on a multiple of your gross contract earnings. That’s right, NO Trading Accounts, Pay slips, P60′s, SA302′s or Tax Returns.

Irrespective of how you operate, whether it is through a limited company or UK payroll umbrella, we can secure you a competitive rate through a high street lender. All we need from you is a signed copy of your contract, CV and potentially 3 months’ bank statements.

Self Employed Status (Company Director)

As a company director, you can also be assessed on a self-employed basis using your accounts. Should your accounts be sufficient for the borrowing required, we will source from “Whole of Market” ensuring you receive the best possible rate available.

Through our network of lenders, we have agreed “flexible income underwriting” allowing us to submit your application directly to underwriters to ensure your total earnings is taken into account, together with earnings which are not paid out but retained within the company for tax planning purposes.

Mortgages Based on Share of Net Profits

Company directors can also be assessed on a share of their net profits (before corporation tax) plus salary, and can potentially lend 5 times this figure allowing you to borrow substantially more than if Dividends were used to calculate your borrowing.

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