Going from PAYE employee to self-employed contractor can be a daunting prospect. But many skilled professionals make the transition every year. Most of them end up wondering why they never did it years ago.

Many things work differently for limited company and umbrella contractors, though, especially finance. Sites like ours help filter the noise, providing relevant news and useful guides.

A guiding hand through mortgage madness

At C&F, we specialise in insurance protection and mortgages for contractors. Our advisors work daily with all types of mortgages, all types of freelancer and contractor.

One of the first things contractors soon discover is that mortgage lenders struggle to understand their income. That’s because contract income is a specialised area. Normally, only underwriters at head office deal with specialist applicants.

As a PSC/Limited Co. contractor, you’ll have tax-efficient accounts. Conversely, umbrella contractors have payslips that are far from the norm.

Front line bank staff often struggle with both of these types of evidencing income. But don’t worry: we’ve got you covered!

Straight to the horse’s mouth

We have direct lines to underwriters to help you bypass those front line gatekeepers. Also, many contractor-friendly lenders’ underwriting teams specify ‘intermediary only’, anyway. This means they only go through specialist brokers like us for contractor applicants.

In order to prepare you for challenges you may face, here are our contractor guides:

Any further questions you may have about contractor mortgages, just pick up the phone. We have teams — real human beings — waiting in our offices in Watford and in Pinner ready to help.

Good luck in your new lifestyle choice!

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